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Neo Pilates seeks to offer a world class Pilates experience at our studio located in Thane West.

We are a studio with a singular focus on Pilates, providing programmes designed by Australian instructors using the best equipment in the world.

We primarily provide Pilates training at our studio using industry-leading equipment. This gives us the opportunity to observe your practice and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time.

During the lockdown period, we also offer Mat Pilates classes conducted via Zoom which you can attend from the comfort of your home. These sessions will focus on a range of simple and intermediate movements to slowly build your core strength and improve your posture and flexibility.


To create a studio that provides a highly functional, no-frills environment, supporting an inclusive culture to train your body to do Pilates correctly using reformer and mat techniques.


Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking, nor outright purchase. Patience and Commitment will help you achieve what you deserve.”

The Joseph Pilates promise is expanded on below, so you know what you are signing up for:

  • 12 sessions to feel the difference
  • 24 sessions to see the difference
  • 36 sessions to transform your body and your life



It doesn’t matter what your background is, we want you to come in and work on yourself in a safe, respectful environment


Our staff will be patient with you, but challenge you to make sure that you see consistent progress towards your goals


Having time for yourself is a luxury these days so we focus only on improving your mind and body here. Leave the gossip outside!

A temple for your body

Our studio will be clean, welcoming and smell nice so that it puts you in the right frame of mind to work on yourself


Pilates is a low-intensity & high-impact form of workout that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment, flexibility, stability & core strength. Pilates moves involve slow and precise movements with breath control.


Pilates is popular for its simple-yet-powerful techniques that help build strength, balance, and coordination. The pilates techniques are still reliable and promote overall well-being. Here are the 3Cs that are at the core of the practice:


  1. Control: Pilates was originally called Contrology. This is because Joseph Pilates emphasized the importance of complete control over every movement to engage muscles. But for him, control was not limited to the body. He believed it was critical to exercise control over the mind in order to create exact movements in the body.


  1. Concentration:  When you’re consciously aware of how your body is moving, you fire up different muscle groups. Every type of movement requires utmost focus, as the more control you have, the less chance you’ll have of injury. Concentration is not just limited to successfully performing every movement to minimize injury. It is also vital to reap both the mental and physical benefits of Pilates.


  1. Centering: The idea of centering is associated with the concept of the Pilates “Powerhouse”. The core is considered to be the powerhouse of the body. The majority of movements originate from this area, directing the efforts towards it, which eventually leads to better flow and intention of each movement.

Pilates moves focus on your core and target your entire body. Pilates prioritizes quality over quantity. A rhythmic pace allows you to perform each movement with precision and feel the impact it makes each time. A large emphasis is also placed on your breathwork to be able to feel the move on a deeper level and achieve significant results in a shorter span of time. Regular practise of the art enables the body to feel fluid, manage movement with grace, ease, and efficiency.

Pilates is a full-body exercise method that creates strong and flexible muscles. In addition to strength and flexibility, Pilates also promotes toning.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is for every body type. Regardless of your gender, size, age, and current fitness level.

The same exercises can be modified to suit all levels of learning and fitness. Studies have shown that Pilates also benefits pregnant women. Is a great stress reliever for patients of chronic pain. It is a prescribed form of workout for people with small injuries looking to rehabilitate and bring the body back to its best. All limitations can be catered to in a Reformer program designed with keeping boundaries in mind.

Pilates improves your quality of life.

At Neo Pilates we focus on the 4S’s while planning all classes: 

  •  Strength: The concept of strength has different meanings for different body types, it could be core, upper or lower body, or maybe even one side vs another. We believe in building overall strength through a variety of exercises.
  • Stamina: We believe in building your stamina to carry out the movements for a longer period of time. As you build stamina with our uniquely designed programs for you, you become stronger to carry out the exercises for a prolonged period of time.
  • Stability:  It is important to maintain stability to carry out the movements on the reformer or mat. We make it our utmost priority to focus on stability and include those exercises in the routine.
  • Stretch:  Stretches enhance the range of motion during exercises and should be included in the routine to yield the highest results. Although stretching feels like a lost component, it is as crucial as the exercise itself and we incorporate stretching in every session to provide you with a complete workout experience.

Regular Pilates practise brings about noticeable changes in your daily life as well. It helps keep physical signs of stress at bay and manage the tensions your body carries in a healthier way. It reduces risks of falls and injuries by working on making your body more aware spatially and strengthening your core and work from the center of gravity in your body. It notably decreases issues for back pain and increases your energy level. Pilates is highly recommended by doctors for overall health improvements, injury prevention, and rehabilitative purposes. Pilates improves cognitive functioning, encourages playfulness, and improves sleep. Pilates offer a plethora of benefits and incorporating it into your fitness regime can enhance any endeavor you take on.


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