Mat Pilates Studio in Thane

The Mat work came before any of the Pilates Apparatus (equipment) developed by Joseph Pilates and is a great choice for everyone, right from Pilates’s beginner to advanced students.

 While Mat Pilates Studio is highly mistaken for yoga, they are not the same. Despite both methods emphasizing breath and physical well-being, Yoga is a spiritual practice, and Pilates is deeply rooted in physicality. 

Mat Pilates, unlike the reformer, relies solely on your body to handle its weight in doing all movements. This brings greater body awareness and helps understand areas that need more strength building and identify how the body carries daily stress and how those aches and pains can be relieved physically.

 Because of this, Our Mat Pilates Studio is extremely effective and provides undeniable benefits.

The exercises can not only be progressed upon in terms of difficulty but can be modified according to the level of challenge the body needs or can handle.  A higher variation of stretches and slower paced moves can be incorporated to help you get a balanced body and increase flexibility. Like with the reformer, progress is very visible and easy to note. Outside of the session you start to see an improvement in your health, in breathing, stress management, concentration and body awareness in your everyday movements. A mat Pilates workout incorporating the classic Pilates sequence builds a foundation like no other. 

A quick and effective Mat Pilates session is accessible anytime, anywhere. When a mat Pilates workout is infused with the right kind of attention and quality, it allows you to have a better experience by elevating the body, mind, and spirit. Working in a quiet, serene set up with an experienced, aware trainer in a slow, controlled, precise manner is an unusual meditation and a bonus endorphin release at the end is a treat. The concentration required challenges your muscles and transforms your body. Regular practice brings about better concentration and capacity in day-to-day tasks and a visible physical difference in your body.

Perks Of Mat Pilates:

  • Increases mobility to carry out everyday activities
  • Helps strengthen immunity by focusing on breathwork
  • Improves posture and increases flexibility
  • Enhances core stability
  • Helps reconnect with your body with mindful movements.

We currently conduct Mat Pilates Sessions on Zoom. You don’t require any equipment for these sessions. Only your Pilates mat, some floor space and that’s it! You’re ready to do Pilates at home without the reformer. Our Mat Pilates program has group and private sessions available and caters to people of all levels be it beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Enquire now to know more about it. We also provide free demo sessions for our new members.