Welcome to the Neo Pilates team!

We are glad to officially have you and are excited that you are going to be a part of this amazing journey.

This onboarding guide will help you understand what we’re about as a company and the positive change that we want to make to our customers’ lives. It is crucial that you understand these and exhibit them as part of your daily interaction with both colleagues and customers.

Understanding the market that we operate in

We are a Pilates Studio in an area where there is zero to little understanding of what Pilates is. This puts us in the position of market pioneers which is both an advantage and a risk. Our primary goal here is to build up awareness of what Pilates is and the benefits it offers people over other forms of exercise. By building a community, we want to create a snowball effect where the awareness picks up consistently and creates increased demand for our service.

You will be given training in person on our approach to managing the customer relationship and be part of the process as we refine it moving forward.

Creating a meaningful and memorable customer experience

Our business depends on the sense of community that we create and each one of our customers is special. Here are the three key behaviours that we would like you to incorporate to make them feel that way:

Build Relationships – This starts from the very first time they walk through our doors. Learn their names, ask about their family, interests and hobbies, and find out what’s bringing them in. A warm and personal greeting will make them feel like a valued and welcome member of the Neo Pilates community.

Make Bookings easy – We will try and make the process in the background as easy as possible, but in the beginning, there might be some manual list tracking and juggling to do. We receive bookings via the website and manage changes and requests via Whatsapp. Get familiar with the different package options we have, their cancellation and rebooking policies, and where possible accommodate the customer, but don’t get bullied by them if they are clearly trying to take advantage of the system. We have hired you because we trust you and that extends to handling cash on behalf of Neo Pilates. Please do not misuse these opportunities and negatively impact the customer in any way.

Treasure feedback and communicate it actively – Listen to all the good and bad feedback that customers give us and take notes against their customer profiles. Communicate this information to everyone else in the team at the daily catchup so that everyone is on the same page. If you personally see something that isn’t working well or have a good experience with something, share that too. It is the only way we can improve quickly.

Love your team

Neo Pilates’ success depends on you establishing a great rapport and working well with all your team members. It is important that you take time to get to know each other’s backgrounds, interests, strengths and areas for improvement. Communicate openly with each other, but never with malice. We are all on our own personal journeys and the time that we spend at Neo Pilates may just be a short pitstop or a long chapter. We want everyone to grow personally and see self-improvement as part of their time here. You will need to do the following things as part of your work week:

  1. 2 hours of training other team members every week (if you are a trainer)
  2. 2 hours of learning something new in Pilates every week (for everyone)
  3. 30 minutes of working out every day in our studio (for everyone)

There are no individual sales targets to meet. We succeed and grow as a team. Everyone is expected to put in their best and support each other to succeed. 

Why is it so important to us that you do all this? By getting to know and trust each other, you create an atmosphere where customers get a consistent service experience and feel like they are part of an extended family. They might establish preferences for trainers, but they should always feel comfortable at the studio and be willing to attend classes regardless of who is training them.

Personal Information Collection

We need to collect a few details about you to help with administrative tasks. These details will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party unless absolutely required, like in cases of medical emergencies or legal proceedings. Please create an account on the site, complete the following details and accept the disclaimer to complete this onboarding guide.

Please create an account and then click on the form link to submit your information