To chat about any of our packages or special offers for students and off-peak times, please contact us.

Trial Class

One per Customer


What you get

  • A 45 minute guided session where you get introduced to Pilates and our equipment
  • Sign up for a package on the same day and get ₹500 credit
  • Baseline your fitness and areas for improvement
  • Talk to us about your goals and problems you’d like to address
  • Recommended for: Everyone!

Personal Consult

Single Pass


What you get

  • A one-on-one session with an instructor for 45 minutes
  • Go through a personally tailored programme
  • Improve your understanding of Pilates concepts
  • Recommended for: People who are new to Pilates; want to train in private or require personal coaching

Group Class

Single Pass


What you get

  • Energising 45 minute class with other people
  • Use Pilates Reformer beds to get a great full-body workout
  • Improve your breathing, body control and posture
  • Recommended for: People who are experienced with Pilates on Reformer Beds and don’t want a package deal
Our Monthly and Quarterly packages listed below, provide the best long-term value for your investment and are perfect for those who are serious about improving their fitness, posture and mobility

Personal Consult Monthly


What you get

  • Build your confidence with Pilates in 12 classes over a one month period
  • Sessions are for 45 minutes and are one-on-one with an experienced trainer
  • Create a tailored programme and watch yourself progress towards more challenging exercises while still having energy for your day
  • This is the best starting point for people new to Pilates. Work consistently and feel great about yourself!

Personal Consult Quarterly


What you get

  • Especially beneficial if you want to consistently work on a tailored programme with one-on-one guidance from an instructor
  • Perfect if you feel challenged because of low fitness, age or injury
  • The best value for money when it comes to Personal Consultations
  • Entitles you to 36 sessions split across 12 weeks, which gives you 3 sessions a week

Group Class Monthly


What you get

  • This pass gives you access to 12 group classes which have the best results when done regularly
  • Give yourself a solid foundation towards achieving your health and wellness goals
  • Build up your strength, stamina and flexibility by committing to a Pilates class three times a week
  • Grow at a steady pace with a group of motivated people who share similar goals

Group Class Quarterly


What you get

  • Our most popular package
  • The best value for your money… Pay for 2 months, get your 3rd month free!
  • Give your body the ultimate gift with 3 group sessions a week for 12 weeks
  • If you stick with the routine and build the right habits, we guarantee that you will look and feel absolutely fabulous compared to when you started!